What is ECDL?

  • The new ECDL is an update of the ECDL programme that focuses on current new technology and flexibility.
  • New content has been added to the programme, to ensure coverage of the digital skills and knowledge required now and in the future.
  • The structure of the programme now offers flexibility, allowing individuals and organisations to develop digital literacy, competence, and expertise in a way that is appropriate to them.

The ECDL Structure

The ECDL is made up of a set of modules grouped under three headings:

Base Standard Advanced
Base modules are the building blocks for digital literacy, describing essential skills and knowledge. Standard modules allow individuals to build their digital competence, depending on their needs. Advanced modules allow individuals to demonstrate digital expertise in certain specific areas.


Base modules certify skills that are considered essential skills – together they form the set of skills and knowledge that are crucial for all, which is why they are considered to be essential.

The four Base obligatory modules are:

  • Computer Essentials
  • Online Essentials
  • Word Processing
  • Excel Spreadsheets

The National Commission for Further & Higher Education deems the ECDL Base Certificate to be at Level 2 of the Malta Qualifications Framework and of the European Qualifications for Framework for Lifelon