The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), is the global standard in end-user computer skills, offering candidates an internationally recognised certification that is supported by governments, computer societies, international organisations and commercial corporations globally.

The ECDL Standard consists of two categories of modules:

4 Base Modules (compulsory) – Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing and Excel Spreadsheets.

3 Intermediate Modules (to choose) – PowerPoint Presentation, Acess Database, Online Collaboration and IT Security

To achieve the ECDL Standard certificate, one must successfully pass an exam in 7 modules.

ECDL Standard Training


  • Basic understanding and use of English Grammar
  • Prior knowledge of this subject is not necessary
ECDL Standard Training


ECDL raises the level of ICT and computer skills and allows candidates to be more productive at home and at work. ECDL also improves job prospects by providing an internationally recognised qualification. With a superior syllabus – uniquely validated to ensure that it is always relevant, up-to-date and meaningful – candidates can be confident that ECDL offers a certification of unrivalled quality.

  • Improves your IT skills
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increase the chances of a career advancement
  • Simplifies everyday office related activities
  • Boosting your CV by having an International Recognized Certification
ECDL Standard Training


  • ECDL Standard Certificate

The ECDL Standard Certificate is awarded to candidates who successfully complete all four (4) Base Modules and any three (3) Standard Modules.

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