Spring is in the air and before you know it the long summer months will be upon us. Whilst it is easy to spend the hot, sunny days relaxing at the beach and swimming in the sea- it can sometimes be hard to find things to occupy your children’s days, especially when parents are at work.

Whilst it is wonderful to be able to spend more time with your little ones, after the first week or so, the cries of “mummy I am bored” and “what will we do today” can grow a little tiresome. If you have a full and busy schedule like most parents do, it can be difficult to find things to stimulate their young minds, whilst ensuring that you keep your sanity and daily routine intact.

Whilst the summer holiday does provide a much-needed break from the daily routine and stresses of school, it doesn’t mean that they should stop learning. Education can be fun, and discovering exciting skills, hobbies, and new aptitudes is a great way to pass away the summer days.

According to studies, 57% of parents have no activities planned for their children once they are out of school, and with three long months to fill, you can quickly run out of ideas and inspiration. That’s why, here at Holistic Institute of Technologies we have put together a jam-packed schedule full of fun learning opportunities to not only occupy your little darlings, but to help them continue their education in a fun and inspiring environment.

The following are just three of the many courses we have on offer, specially formulated for children between 6-10 years of age, and that will be held during the summer school holidays of 2017.


Futuristic Fun with Robotics

Why not keep your little cyborg entertained and get those creative juices flowing by enrolling them on Robotics 1? This course is perfect for inquisitive youngsters, it will give them hands on experience in designing, building, and programming their very own robot.

Using the very latest LEGO ® software, they will learn all about the history of robotics, what makes it relevant to today and the future, and how it all works. They will then be paired up with a friend and be taught how to apply their knowledge practically to see the results in the form of a fully functioning robotic buddy!The core focus of this course is on “STEM” which stands for science, technology, engineering, and maths.

A thorough knowledge and understanding of these subjects is integral to a child’s success in tomorrow’s world and making these subjects fun and engaging is a sure-fire way to develop the minds of the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

Let their imagination run wild and develop their creative and technical skills all at the same time!

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