We all know the importance of education during our formative years- primary school, secondary school, college and university, yet not enough emphasis is placed on continuing this theme throughout our adult lives. Getting a job and forging a career path should not signal the end of learning, in fact it should kick-start a whole new path of education and personal development.

As an employer, training your staff thoroughly in every aspect of your business should be an integral part of your HR strategy. By investing in the development of their hard and soft skills, you are investing in the smooth running and overall success of your business. Not only do you improve your staff’s knowledge by keeping them up to date with the latest developments and training methods, but you also make them feel valued and reassured that you are focused on nurturing their progression. Other benefits of offering ongoing corporate training include an increase in productivity, performance management, product quality, and overall employee retention.

When it comes to corporate training, we need to look beyond the traditional ways of doing things and look to involve the skills of outsourced specialists to ensure that you are offering a truly customised approach. At Holistic, our learning approach is designed for today’s quick-changing corporate sphere using the principles of micro learning. To those that aren’t in the know, that is the method of training individuals with short, smartly-engineered, instructional bursts that are proven to command attention, be completely yawn-proof, and generate a higher level of retention. We focus on weaving together assessment, motivation, and rewards, in a training choreography that chimes with today’s workplace realities.

The only way to garner success form corporate training is to enlist the help of a professional, and external trainer. There are many reasons for this, some psychological, some practical, and some that will actually help you save money. Read on to find out more:

New Eyes

Whilst an outside trainer may not know the intricacies of your business, they do have the advantage of being able to look at business operations with fresh eyes. They may notice issues and shortcomings where perhaps they would go unnoticed internally. They also bring with them a wealth of experience from working with other similar companies and can help provide valuable insight into opportunities for improvement and growth.